Biographical Information
Alternate name(s) The Princess
Personal Information
Age unknown
Gender Female
Residence Emerald City, Oz
Family Information
Romances Dorothy
Affiliation Oz
Allies Dorothy, Scarecrow
Enemies Mombi, Gnome King
Other Information
First Appearance Chapter_3

Ozma is the daughter of the Fairy Queen, who created Oz. Her frequent disappearances, transformation and unknown motivations drive much of the plot in Dorothies' journeys as well as current events in the Namesake Universe.

Biography and History of Oz Edit

The mysterious ruler of Oz, Princess Ozma is reportedly the youngest daughter of the queen of fairies, Lurene, who created all of Oz and gave it to Ozma to rule. Ozma was a just and fair ruler, and placed a mending spell on Oz such that no Ozite shall know death or illness, effectively making them immortal.

Ages of Ozma

Many ages of Ozma.

However, Ozma was not without fallibility. She aged at random from young to old, requiring a caretaker for when she reverted to childhood. When her caretaker the King of Pastoria was killed, she vanished, having been placed under a spell by the witch Mombi that kept her as a young boy, ignorant of her true identity. During this time the "Wizard of Oz" known from the first book took over the Emerald City in her absence.

After she was restored, Ozma set about righting the kingdom of Oz. She met the first Dorothy, who became Ozma's "beloved companion", with whom Ozma fell in love.[1].

Dorothy Gale's death devastated Ozma. Dorothy, not being an Ozite, was seemingly not immune to death as were the other people of Oz. However, each following Dorothy (8 in total) became her new companion, until each one died. Ozma became more bitter with each loss, eventually disappearing soon after the last Dorothy's death and her help with eliminating the Beast that killed Adora.

The PhotographEdit

Photo Ozma

The photograph found in the Wicked Witch of the West's book.

Although reported to be the daughter of the queen of fairies, Ozma can be seen wearing Earth clothing in the company of another girl, in a photo Warrick finds in the Wicked Witch's book. Ozma's role in this photograph remains unknown, as does the identity of the other girl.

Freeing Ozma, the Nature of her Curse Edit

During Emma Crewe's journey in Oz, Ozma's appointed Wizard, Renge, is overthrown. Ozma is discovered buried under poppy vines in the Emerald City. Renge reveals that she gave her original name, "Jellia Jamb" to Ozma in exchange for a new identity and Ozma's magic girdle. Renge claims that Ozma returned to Oz suddenly with "something green burning in her chest" and ordered Renge to bury her in the vines. Warrick and Chadrick assume that Warrick's curse is responsible for her returning to Oz and the "burning in her chest."

However, when Ozma is freed from the vines she shows no signs of physical harm, and Warrick's heart is not with her. She is in a magically induced sleep. Unfortunately, Renge escapes before she can reveal any more information about Ozma's condition.

As of the twins' journey to Earth Ozma is still in a coma after a year of having been asleep.

References Edit

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