Nandita Durubashi
Biographical Information
Personal Information
Age 45
Gender Female
Residence Alexandria, UK
Nationality East Pakistan (in what is now Bangladesh)
Family Information
Marital Married
Spouse Lono
Affiliation Calliope
Allies Warrick Chopper
Other Information
First Appearance Nandita

Nandita Durubashi is a Healer in the main branch of Calliope in Alexandria, England. She will be training Warrick in being a medic/mender.

Biography Edit

Nandita was born in East Pakistan, in what is now Bangladesh. She fled into India during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, a bloody conflict that claimed the lives of her sisters.

She is married to Lono and they have several adopted children.[1]

Current Events Edit

Nandita conducted Emma's physical examination and noted that her body had been shaped by numerous healing spells, including ones that had absorbed negative energy. She also revealed to Emma that her vorpal sword had been crafted specifically for her.

She played a pivotal role in getting Warrick to face his personal demons regarding his mother's death. As of October 2009, she is training him in the healing arts and making shields.

References Edit