Namesake general

A Namesake is an individual with the power to open portals to another world. Which world they may visit depends on that Namesake's name (e.g.: Alices go to Wonderland, Dorothies go to Oz).

When a Namesake's powers awaken, they will (usually by accident, at first) create a portal to their designated world. Once there, they must fulfill their narrative role in as that world's Namesake before they return. That journey tends to have rough similarities to the journeys of their predecessor Namesakes (for example, Dorothies usually befriend Ozma,[1] while Wendies tend to get captured by Captain Hook[2]). If a Namesake does not finish their journey, this has negative consequences for both worlds.[3]

After a Namesake's journey is complete, it must be documented by that Namesake's Writer. If this does not happen, then it may lead to an increase in ghost activity.[4]

Some Namesakes, such as the first Alice and the first Dorothy, return to their worlds multiple times as part of their journeys.[5][6] Once their journey is complete, approximately 80% of Namesakes lose the ability to create portals.[7]

Partly because of the high stakes of Namesake journeys, the organization Calliope exists to help assist Namesakes in completing their journeys, training them in the use of their powers, and providing counseling where necessary.

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