Biographical Information
Personal Information
Gender Male
Family Information
Affiliation Wonderland


Allies Emma Crewe, Elaine Crewe, Warrick Chopper, Selva Chopper
Other Information
First Appearance The card soldier

Fred is a card soldier that first appears when Jack Wright activates him in order to guard Elaine Crewe and Ben Kench. After Elaine's attempt to 'brainwash' him, he starts to mimic Elaine and Ben. Before falling asleep, Elaine names him 'Fred' as a shortening of 'Five-Red', which is his card.

As Ben tries to teach Fred how to play video games, Fred begins to feel an itch under his helmet. The helmet falls off, revealing hair, at which point Fred freaks out a little. He wakes Elaine and begins saying "Writah!" over and over. Assuming this means he can read, Elaine writes on a piece of paper "I wish we could understand each other". Fred looks down at the paper, and turns to Elaine, saying "You can change things! You are a writer Elaine".

From this point on, Fred is a 'real boy', though it is revealed later in the comic that "Card soldiers are not puppets! We can resist writer powers when we want. I still have my old name. You didn't take that from me. But I also like being Fred!" (personally one of my favorite pages, I feel it sort of captures Fred's whole attitude)