Elaine Crewe
Biographical Information
Alternate name(s) Short One, Tiny Terror
Personal Information
Age 15
Born February 28, 1994

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Gender Female
Residence Toronto, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Family Information
Marital Single
Parents Daniel Crewe (father)
Sibling(s) Emma Crewe (older sister)
Affiliation Calliope

Writer's Guild

Allies Emma Crewe
Other Information
First Appearance The journey begins

Elaine Crewe is a Writer, the sister of Emma Crewe and the younger daughter of Daniel Crewe.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Elaine was born in Montreal in 1994. When she was an infant, her mother left the family for reasons unknown to her, leading to her parents' divorce. When she was 10, her father accepted a teaching position at a university in Toronto, and the family moved from Quebec to Ottawa. Elaine traveled with her father to France during Christmas in 2007.[1]

October 2009: Emma goes to Oz Edit

While studying for exams during her 10th grade year, Elaine's procrastination led to Emma's fateful meeting with Karen Lawson at the library branch near their Toronto home. Elaine watched with horror as her sister was drawn away in a portal following the fire at the library. She overhears a phone call from Jack Wright to Alice Purcell about the strange circumstances surrounding Emma's disappearance and confronts him. Jack takes Elaine and Ben Kench back to the Crewe home to wait for Emma to come back and tells them about Namesakes. He leaves them with a card soldier.

Elaine spends the night attempting to research Calliope, instead finding broken links, pages on mythology, and a YouTube video of the 1939 World's Fair[2]. She also researched the Lima Syndrome, using it on the card soldier. She names the card soldier Fred after the Five of Hearts. The culmination of these events cause Fred to evolve from card soldier to part-human.

Personality Edit

As the youngest, Elaine is cheerful, highly energetic, very sheltered, and a little spoiled. Her Writer abilities boost her imagination, and she is able to spin stories with ease. She's good with children, taking it upon herself to teach the area kindergarteners how to use technology.

Emma becoming a Namesake and her father's subsequent departure are both huge jolts for Elaine, and she responds by lashing out at her sister. She admits to Jack, Fred, and Sabion that being scared caused her to be a damsel in distress during the fight against the Rippers, and that she's afraid that Emma will hate her because of her writer powers[3].

Trivia Edit

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