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Biographical Information
Title Wizard of Oz
Personal Information
Gender Female
Nationality Munchkinland, Land of Oz
Family Information
Marital Single
Family Nimmie Chopper (cousin)
Affiliation Oz
Allies Emma Crewe
Other Information
First Appearance Welcome to Oz

Agha is the current Wizard of Oz, caretaker of the country until Ozma wakes from her slumber. Agha was one of Emma Crewe's companions during her journey in Oz, being the first person Emma encountered. Her good sense and bravery, despite her lack of magical powers, made her an invaluable source of reason and wisdom during her quest.

Biography Edit

Little is known about Agha before she met Emma, other than that she is Nimmie Chopper's cousin and a resident of Munchkinland.

Agha was elected Voice of her community, and as such spoke for the Munchkins, especially during the period in which their king was turned into a hatbox by Selva Chopper.

Role in Emma's Quest Edit

Agha was the first person in Oz Emma met, her diminutive stature as a Munchkin serving as further proof that Emma was indeed in the storybook Land of Oz. They did not get off to an automatic good start, as Agha requested that Emma remove her purple shirt so as not to anger the current Wicked Witch of the West. Emma was dismayed and did not obey Agha's request, running and inadvertently ruining Selva's "coronation" as ruler of the Munchkins.

Agha noticed that when Anlise asked Emma to hand over the transformed Selva, in the form of a purse, over to be "properly destroyed," Emma sneakily gave Anlise her own non-magical purse instead, saving Selva. This impressed Agha, who noted that while Emma is "like a Dorothy, but different too." She is the first one to consistently call Emma by her real name thereafter instead of "Dorothy." Agha offers to lead Emma to the Emerald City to find a way to bring her back to Earth.

During Agha's journey she shows significant heroism, defending Emma from Warrick with a stick, leading her away from poppies and using herself as bait for the vines when they are at the edge of the Emerald City.

Wizard Edit

Agha showed a predilection to study, eagerly browsing through thick books when she reaches Elag. When Emma leaves Oz to return to Earth, she studies the Dorothies, being bothered by the "holes in the world" that Renge had mentioned.

Agha's sensible nature, bravery and willingness to learn lead her to be elected as Wizard of Oz while Ozma is unconscious. Amongst other things, she decrees that Emma is "still our Dorothy" and that Ozites have a role to play in protecting Emma, using this as reasoning to allow the twins to journey with her Earth.